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An account about the Library as it appeared in a NY Libraries Magazine in August 1931

The Paine Memorial Library, Willsboro

One of the most beautiful library buildings in the State is the Paine Memorial Library at Willsboro, which was opened to the public in August 1930. It is the gift of Augustus G. Paine of New York, a summer resident of Willsboro for more than 40 years, built in memory of his mother. Besides presenting the building finished and fully equipped to the town of Willsboro, Mr. Paine plans to provide for the permanent endowment.


The library is splendidly situated in the center of the village, well set off by space with fine lawn and trees.


The building is one story high, absolutely fireproof. It is built in colonial style, dignified and rich in its simplicity. The material is brick embellished with a trimming of white marble. The ornamentation is a rare quality of Vermont marble, cut and polished to a high degree. The prominent features of the ornamentation are the dentilated molding of the cornice, the exquisite workmanship of the entrance casement, pediment and urn and the hussar headpiece or lintels over the windows.


The interior is a simple and elegant as the exterior, with the same richness and beauty of finish. A large fireplace on one side of the one large room flanked by deep easy chairs gives warmth and a feeling of hominess which one feels throughout the library. The equipment is modern and at the same time in perfect taste with the room. The books are all shelved in the stack room, which extends back of the large reading room, convenient to librarian and readers. A committee of women keeps flowers in the reading room throughout the year.


At its opening the library contained 5000 new books, carefully selected to suit all ages and tastes. There is capacity for 10,000 volumes. An array of periodicals rivaling the collection in a city library invites readers to the large reading tables. A small table, similar to the larger tables elsewhere in the room, marks one corner plainly for the children.


Willsboro is beautifully situated on Lake Champlain on a route, which appeals to travelers and vacationists in search of beauty of scenery. Those who are fortunate enough to be taking this route this year of later should make a point of seeing the library, where a cordial welcome awaits.

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